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  [English name]:Clary sage oil

  [CAS Number]:515-03-7

  [Product resource]: Obtained by the steam distillation of inflorescence of Salvia SclareL.

  [Specification]:Linalyl acetate+Linalool≥60%, Linalyl acetate47-62%, Linalool 12-26%(GC)

     Linalyl acetate structure:                              Linalool structure:


  [Properties]: Light yellow liquid, fragrance of medicinal herb and amber. The Principal ingredients are linalyl acetate,Linalool, geraniol, Terpineol, Nerolidol acetate, Sclareol, germacrene D and etc.

  [Application scope]: Used for preparation of soap, perfume, cigarette essence, cosmetics essence. A small quantity is used in food and wine essence.

  [Package]:180KG/ Iron drum

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