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  • Profile 

We are a leading supplier of natural products and related products and services for pharmacy, health care, food, flavor & fragrance and personal care. We are now striving to be:
The leader of industrial and technical evolution
The pacesetter and formulator of corresponding standards
The supplier of high-quality products and services

  • Business Scope

Our products and services:
High-quality natural products
Semisynthetic high-quality equivalent natural products
Natural synthetic product substitutes with notable cost advantage
Technical services for the separation and synthesis of natural products and related natural products, in particular complex natural products and trace natural products

  • Strength & Feature

Technical innovation: We boast a huge technical innovation capacity and an abundant reserve of knowledge on natural products. Moreover, we are featured by great innovation capacity in technical fields of modern separation, advanced synthesis and fermentation and enjoy quite rich natural products and related products, all of which have notably helped us fulfill product development in an efficient way.
Quality: We are committed to high quality and stability of all products. Strict quality control systems and all-round quality control approaches always assure high and stable quality of our products and services.
Teamwork: We are armed with a high-level team under strong cohesion. Our personnel are excellent in R&D, production, quality control, sales, after-sales service and other steps, which enables us to provide our customers with high-quality and high-efficiency products and services.

  • Value Outlook

We always adhere to the value outlook of creating values for customers. Based upon this outlook, we will spare no effort to realize breakthroughs in technology and process and are committed to providing our customers with high-quality low-cost natural products and related chemicals under stable supply and diversified demand.

  • Responsibility

 We are dedicated to developing superior and applicable technologies for sustainable development and producing high-quality products in a low-carbon, resource-saving and environment-friendly way. In addition, we will actively take our social responsibilities and make our own contribution to developing a better planet.

  •  Culture

 Outlook and Culture: Win-win Situation and Progress
Pursuit: Create a win-win situation with customer, realize joint development with staff and build harmony with the society.

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